Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A very troublesome society

Tue 11 Oct 1763: I rode through miserable roads to Cambridge, and thence to Lakenheath. The next day I reached Norwich, and found much of the presence of God in the congregation, both this evening and the next day. On Friday evening I read to them all the rules of the society, adding, ‘Those who are resolved to keep these rules may continue with us, and those only.’ I then related what I had done since I came to Norwich first, and what I would do for the time to come: particularly, that I would immediately put a stop to preaching in the time of church service. I added: ‘For many years I have had more trouble with this society than with half the societies in England put together. With God’s help I will try you one year longer. And I hope you will bring forth better fruit.’

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