Monday, September 26, 2011

Lessons in Evangelism

Mon. 26 Sept 1743. I had a great desire to speak plain to a young man who went with us over the New Passage. To that end I rode with him three miles out of my way, but I could fix nothing upon him. Just as we parted, walking over Caerleon bridge, he stumbled and was like to fall. I caught him, and began to speak of God’s care over us. Immediately the tears stood in his eyes, and he appeared to feel every word which was said; so I spoke, and spared not. The same I did to a poor man who led my horse over the bridge, to our landlord and his wife, and to one who occasionally came in. And they all expressed a surprising thankfulness.
About seven in the evening we reached Crickhowell, four miles beyond Abergavenny. 

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