Tuesday, September 6, 2011

JW stung on lip by wasp but preaches on

Tue 6 Sept 1785. I preached at Paulton and Coleford; Wednesday 7, in an open place near the road at Mells. Just as I began, a wasp, though unprovoked, stung me upon the lip. I was afraid it would swell so as to hinder my speaking, but it did not. I spoke distinctly, near two hours in all, and was no worse for it. In the evening, I preached with much satisfaction at Frome to a mixed multitude of rich and poor, and afterwards strongly exhorted them that had believed to ‘walk in love’ after the example of our great Master. On Thursday, I preached at Trowbridge, and on Friday at Bradford-on-Avon, where the work of God has much increased lately. Indeed it has increased this year through the whole circuit as it has not done for twenty years before. On Saturday evening, I preached at Bath. Sunday 11, Mr. Bradburn preached at seven, and Mr. Collins about two in the afternoon. I began the service at eleven and preached on part of the Epistle, Ephesians 3:14, etc. Both then and in the evening the word ‘distilled as the dew, and as the rain on the tender herb’.

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