Friday, September 16, 2011

I received but one blow on the side of the head

Fri. 16 Sept 1743. I preached to four or five hundred on St. Hilary Downs. And many seemed amazed. But I could find none as yet who had any deep or lasting conviction.
In the evening, as I was preaching at St. Ives, Satan began to fight for his kingdom. The mob of the town burst into the room, and created much disturbance; roaring and striking those that stood in their way as though Legion himself possessed them. I would fain have persuaded our people to stand still; but the zeal of some, and the fear of others, had no ears; so that finding the uproar increase, I went into the midst, and brought the head of the mob up with me to the desk. I received but one blow on the side of the head; after which we reasoned the case, till he grew milder and milder, and at length undertook to quiet his companions.

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