Friday, August 5, 2011

The room where poor Richard II was murdered

Sat. 6 Aug 1774. I walked from Newport to Berkeley Castle. It is a beautiful, though very ancient building, and every part of it kept in good repair except the lumber-room and the chapel, the latter of which, having been of no use for many years, is now dirty enough. I particularly admired the fine situation and the garden on the top of the house. In one corner of the castle is the room where poor Richard II was murdered. His effigy is still preserved, said to be taken before his death. If he was like this, he had an open, manly countenance, though with a cast of melancholy. In the afternoon, we went on to Bristol.
The Conference, begun and ended in love, fully employed me on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And we observed Friday 12 as a day of fasting and prayer for the success of the gospel.

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