Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A feeble, decrepit an old man

Tues. 19 July 1774. I preached at Louth about noon, and at Grimsby in the evening. At ten, on Wednesday 20, I preached at Winterton. None of the hearers was more attentive than an old acquaintance of my father’s, Mr. George Stovin, formerly a justice of the peace near Epworth, now as teachable as a little child and determined to know nothing save Christ crucified. About two, I preached in an open place at Scotter, and in the evening at Owston. One of my audience here was Mr. Pindar, a contemporary of mine at Oxford. But any that observed so feeble, decrepit an old man, tottering over the grave, would imagine there was a difference of forty rather than two years between us!

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  1. Thank you for resuming the Blog. I really missed reading it while you were away. I take comfort in being a "plain person" and agree that the words of JW are extremely relevant in today's world. Thank you, thank you, thank you!