Sunday, February 27, 2011

God sends Wesley help

Sun 27 Feb 1757: After the service at Snowsfields, I found myself much weaker than usual and feared I should not be able to go through the work of the day, which is equal to preaching eight times. I therefore prayed that God would send me help, and, as soon as I had done preaching at West Street, a clergyman who was come to town for a few days came and offered me his service. So when I asked for strength, God gave me strength; when for help, he gave this also.
I had been long desired to see the little flock at Norwich. But this I could not decently do till I was able to rebuild part of the Foundery there, to which I was engaged by my lease. A sum sufficient for that end was now unexpectedly given me, by one of whom I, had no personal knowledge. So I set out Monday 28 and preached in Norwich on Tuesday evening, March 1.

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