Friday, January 28, 2011

Salvation leading soon to Perfection

Fri 28 Jan 1774. I buried the remains of that venerable mother in Israel, Bilhah Aspernell. She found peace with God in 1738 and, soon after, purity of heart. From that time, she walked in the light of God’s countenance day and night without the least intermission. She was always in pain, yet always rejoicing and going about doing good. Her desire was that she might not live to be useless—and God granted her desire. On Sunday evening, she met her class as usual. The next day, she sent for her old fellow-traveller, Sarah Clay, and said to her, ‘Sally, I am going.’ She asked, ‘Where are you going?’ She cheerfully answered, ‘To my Jesus, to be sure!’ and spoke no more.

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