Monday, January 3, 2011

JW goes begging for the Poor

Tue 4 Jan 1785: At this season, we usually distribute coals and bread among the poor of the society. But I now considered they wanted clothes as well as food. So on this and the four following days, I walked through the town and begged two hundred pounds in order to clothe them that wanted it most. But it was hard work, as most of the streets were filled with melting snow which often lay ankle deep, so that my feet were steeped in snow-water nearly from morning till evening. I held it out pretty well till Saturday evening, but I was laid up with a violent flux which increased every hour, till at six in the morning Dr. Whitehead called upon me. His first draught made me quite easy, and three or four more perfected the cure. If he lives some years, I expect he will be one of the most eminent physicians in Europe.
I supposed my journeys this winter had been over; but I could not decline one more.

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