Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The LORD provides the Land

Tue 7 Dec 1742: I was so ill in the morning that I was obliged to send Mr. Williams to the Room. He afterward went to Mr. Stephenson, a merchant in the town, who had a passage through the ground we intended to buy. I was willing to purchase that passage. Mr. Stephenson told him, ‘Sir, I don’t want money. But if Mr. Wesley wants ground he may have a piece of my garden, adjoining to the place you mention. I am at a word. For forty pounds he shall have sixteen yards in breadth, and thirty in length.’
Wed. 8. Mr. Stephenson and I signed an article, and I took possession of the ground. But I could not fairly go back from my agreement with Mr. Riddell. So I entered on his ground at the same time. The whole is about forty yards in length; in the middle of which we determined to build the house, leaving room for a small courtyard before and a little garden behind the building.

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