Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful Gardens

Fri 8 Oct 1779: We took chaise as usual, at two, and about eleven came to Cobham. Having a little leisure, I thought I could not employ it better than in taking a walk through the gardens. They are said to take up four hundred acres and are admirable well laid out. They far exceed the celebrated gardens at Stowe, and that in several respects: (1) in situation, lying on a much higher hill and having a finer prospect from the house; (2) in having a natural river, clear as crystal, running beneath and through them; (3) in the buildings therein, which are fewer indeed, but far more elegant—yea, and far better kept, being nicely clean, which is sadly wanting at Stowe; and lastly, in the rock-work, to which nothing of the kind at Stowe is to be compared.
This night I lodged in the new house at London. How many more nights have I to spend there?

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