Monday, April 5, 2010

A large Newfoundland dog and an old raven deeply in love with each other

Mon 5 Apr 1790: Calling at Altringham, I was desired to speak a few words to the people in the new chapel; but almost as soon as I got thither, the House was filled; and soon after, more than filled. So I preached on 1 Pet. i. 3; and many praised God with joyful lips. About twelve I preached in the chapel at Northwich, to a large and very lively congregation, and, in the evening, met once more with our old affectionate friends at Chester. I have never seen this chapel more crowded than to-night; but still it could not near contain the congregation. Both this and the following evening, I was greatly assisted to declare the power of Christ's resurrection; and to exhort all that were risen with him to set their affections on the things above. Here I met with one of the most extraordinary phenomena that I ever saw, or heard of:—Mr. Sellers has in his yard a large Newfoundland dog, and an old raven. These have fallen deeply in love with each other, and never desire to be apart. The bird has learned the bark of the dog, so that few can distinguish them. She is inconsolable when he goes out; and, if he stays out a day or two, she will get up all the bones and scraps she can, and hoard them up for him till he comes back.

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