Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Backslider Returns

Sun 18 Apr 1742: In the afternoon one who had tasted the love of God, but had turned again to folly, was deeply convinced, and torn, as it were, in pieces by guilt and remorse and fear. And even after the sermon was ended she continued in the same agony, it seemed both of body and soul. Many of us were then met together in another part of the house; but her cries were so piercing, though at a distance, that I could not pry, nor hardly speak, being quite chilled every time I heard them. I asked whether it were best to bring her in, or send her out of the house. It being the general voice, she was brought in, and we cried to God to heal her backsliding. We soon found we were asking according to his will. He not only had her ‘depart in peace’, but filled many others, till then heavy of heart, with peace and joy in believing.

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