Monday, April 19, 2010

An Amazing Story JW believes is True

Mon 19 Apr 1784: I went on to Ambleside, where, as I was sitting down to supper, I was informed, ‘Notice had been given of my preaching, and that the congregation was waiting.’ I would not disappoint them, but preached immediately on ‘Salvation by faith.’ Among them were a gentleman and his wife, who gave me a very remarkable relation. She said,
She had often heard her mother relate, what an intimate acquaintance had told her, that her husband was concerned in the Rebellion of 1745. He was tried at Carlisle and found guilty. The evening before he was to die, sitting and musing in her chair, she fell fast asleep. She dreamed one came to her and said, ‘Go to such a part of the wall, and among the loose stones you will find a key, which you must carry to your husband.’ She waked but, thinking it a common dream, paid no attention to it. Presently she fell asleep again and dreamed the very same dream. She started up, put on her cloak and hat, and went to that part of the wall, and among the loose stones found a key. Having with some difficulty procured admission into the jail, she gave this to her husband. It opened the door of his cell, as well as the lock of the prison door. So at midnight, he escaped for life.

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