Sunday, March 28, 2010

“Prepare yourself, for your end is nigh”

Sun 28 Mar 1736:[In Savannah] A servant of Mr. Bradley’s sent to desire to speak with me. Going to him, I found a young man, ill, but perfectly sensible. He desired the rest to go out, and then said, ‘On Thursday night, about eleven, being in bed, but broad awake, I heard one calling aloud, “Peter! Peter Wright!” And looking up, the room was as light as day, and I saw a man in very bright clothes stand by the bed, who said, “Prepare yourself, for your end is nigh”; and then immediately all was dark as before.’ I told him the advice was good, whencesoever it came. In a few days he recovered from his illness. His whole temper was changed, as well as his life; and so continued to be till after three or four weeks he relapsed, and died in peace.

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