Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Savannah, American Colony

Sun 29 Feb 1736: Hearing Mr. Oglethorpe did not come any more to Savannah before he went to Frederica, I was obliged to go down to the ship again (Mr. Spangenberg following me thither), and receive his orders and instructions on several heads. From him we went to public prayers; after which we were refreshed by several letters from England. Upon which I could not but observe how careful our Lord is to repay whatever we give up on his account. When I left England I was chiefly afraid of two things: one, that I should never again have so many faithful friends as I left there; the other, that the spark of love which began to kindle in their hearts would cool and die away. But who knoweth the mercy and power of God! From ten friends I am awhile secluded, and he hath opened me a door into the whole Moravian church. And as to the very persons I left behind, his Spirit is gone forth so much the more, teaching them not to trust in man, but ‘in him that raiseth the dead’, ‘and calleth the things that are not, as though they were’.
About four, having taken leave of Mr. Spangenberg, who was the next morning to set out for Pennsylvania, I returned to Savannah.

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