Monday, March 1, 2010

By what authority am I suspended from preaching?

Sun 28 Feb and Mon 1 Mar 1742: In the evening I set out for Wales. I lay that night about six miles from Bristol, and preached in the morning, March 1, to a few of the neighbours. We then hastened to the passage; but the boat was gone, half an hour before the usual time. So I was obliged to wait till five in the afternoon. We then set out with a fair breeze. But when we were nearly half over the river the wind entirely failed. The boat could not bear up against the ebbing tide, but was driven down among the rocks, on one of which we made shift to scrabble up, whence about seven we got to land.
That night I went forward about five miles, and the next morning came to Cardiff. There I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jones of Fonmon, still pressing on into all the fullness of God. I rode with him to Wenvoe. The church was thoroughly filled, while I explained the former part of the Second Lesson, concerning the barren fig tree; and the power of the Lord was present, both to wound and to heal.
I explained in the evening at Fonmon, though in weakness and pain, how ‘Jesus saveth us from our sins.’ The next morning at eight I preached at Bonvilston, a little town four miles from Fonmon. Thence I rode to Llantrisant and sent to the minister to desire the use of his church. His answer was, he should have been very willing; but the bishop had forbidden him. By what law? I am not legally convict, either of heresy or any other crime. By what authority then am I suspended from preaching? By barefaced arbitrary power.
Another clergyman immediately offered me his church. But it being too far off I preached in a large room, spent a little time with the society in prayer and exhortation, and then took horse for Cardiff.

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