Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Turned away by Brother-in-law

Tue 26 Jan 1748: Mr. Hall [Rev Westley Hall, Wesley's brother in law], having heard I was coming, had given strict orders that no one should be let in. The inner door he had locked himself, and (I suppose) taken away the key. Yet when I knocked at the outer gate, which was locked also, William Sims opened the wicket. I walked straight in. A girl stood in the gateway, but turned as soon as she saw me. I followed close at her heels and went in after her, at a back door. I asked the maid, ‘Where is Mr. H.?’ She said, ‘In the parlour,’ and went in to him. I followed her and found him sitting with my sister. But he presently rose and went upstairs. He then sent William Sims down and bid him, ‘Tell my brother he has no business in my house.’ After a few minutes, I went to a house in the town, and my sister came to me. In about an hour she returned home. But he sent word to the gate she might go to the place whence she came.

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