Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Unsupportive Rector

Sun Nov 1 1767: Being All Saints’ Day (a festival I dearly love), I could not but observe the admirable propriety with which the Collect, Epistle, and Gospel for the day are suited to each other. As I was to set out for Kent in the morning, Mr. B. invited me to spend the evening with him at Lewisham. Soon after we took horse, we found one of our horses lame. On inquiry, it appeared that five nails were driven into the quick. So we were at a full stop. But Mr. B. supplying us with another horse, we rode on, though through heavy rain, to Staplehurst. In the evening, I met with a young clergyman who seemed to have no desire but to save his own soul and those that heard him. I advised him to expect crosses and persecution. But he was sure his rector would stand by him. Vain hope, that the children of the world should long stand by the children of God! Soon after, his rector told him unless he kept away from this people, he must leave his curacy.

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