Saturday, October 10, 2009

The decree of reprobation

Sat 10 Oct 1741: His journey being deferred till Monday, H. Harris came to me at the New Room. He said, as to the decree of reprobation, he renounced and utterly abhorred it. And as to the not falling from grace, (1) he believed that it ought not to be mentioned to the unjustified, or to any that were slack and careless, much less that lived in sin, but only to the earnest and disconsolate mourners; (2) he did himself believe it was possible for one to fall away who had been ‘enlightened’ with some knowledge of God, who had ‘tasted of the heavenly gift’, and been ‘made partaker of the Holy Ghost’, and wished we could all agree to keep close in the controverted points to the very words of Holy Writ; (3) that he accounted no man so justified as not to fall till he was vitally united to Christ, till he had a thorough, abiding hatred to all sin and a continual hunger and thirst after all righteousness. Blessed be thou of the Lord, thou man of peace! Still follow after peace and holiness.

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